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  • EE10 to EE65
  • ETD29 to ETD54
  • EFD15 to EFD30
  • PQ26 to PQ32
  • RM & Pot core
World Class Superior Quality SMPS Transformers ideal for Power Supplies of LED d rivers, Inverters, Set top Box, DVD, Computer, Monitor and other Electronic Equipments. A leading Manufacture of wide range of SMPS Transformers from 10W to 250W and successfully supplying in Domestic and International market. Very soon setting up automatic integrated line to manufacture the transformers very first in India.

ETD29 Vertical

ETD34 Vertical

EFD25 Horizontal

ETD39 Vertical


EE201011 Vertical

EFD20 Horizontal

EE16 Vertical

EFD20 Horizental 4+4 Pin

EFD25 Horizontal

ETD34 Vertical

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